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SP-55 Card Printer
High-impact solution for a variety of markets

A perfect platform for security, loyalty and revenue generation
The design of the new Datacard SP55 card printer reflects more than a decade of hands-on experience in the world’s most successful card programs. While the image quality and 180 color card-per-hour speed of the printer are impressive, its engineering fine points — such as quick-loading smart supplies, extra-large card hoppers and built-in Ethernet connectivity — make the Datacard SP55 card printer the solution of choice in almost every application.

Corporate ID and access control
Issue highly secure name-and-photo IDs— or add your choice of smart card, magnetic stripe, bar code and proximity technologies for compatibility with access controls and other automated systems.

Student and staff IDs
The Datacard SP55 card printer empowers schools, colleges and universities to control costs with efficient operation, as well as handle peak periods with speeds of 180 cards per hour.

Retail loyalty programs
Drive revenue and increase customer spending with loyalty programs and gift card sales. Our quiet, fast and easy-to-use printer lets you execute card programs without adding staff or dramatically increasing costs. Magnetic stripe, bar code and smart card options are ideal for points programs.

Patient and staff IDs
A strong patient and staff ID program, powered by the new Datacard SP55 card printer, can help you cut costs and create a secure environment. Smart card, magnetic stripe and bar code options provide platforms for privacy, automation and cost reduction. A built-in Ethernet capability lets you locate printers anywhere on your network.

Resorts, hotels and casinos
Want to make guests feel like they belong? The Datacard SP55 card printer lets you personalize high-quality, multipurpose guest or VIP cards — to increase loyalty, spending and profits.

A card printer beyond its peers
Every advanced feature of the Datacard SP55 card printer contributes directly to the success of your card program. These key features ensure simplicity, speed and superior quality for every job.

Edge-to-edge printing
High-quality, edge-to-edge printing delivers more attractive cards and a more professional look.

Simplex and duplex printing
You can configure the printer for one- or two-sided printing, depending upon your card design.

Extra-large card hoppers
Choose 100- or 200-card input hoppers for nonstop productivity. A 40-card output hopper keeps operations moving without card unloading delays.

180 color cards per hour
Uptime, simplicity and consistent image quality, plus the raw speed of the printer, contribute to unmatched throughput.

Optional locks for input tray
You can configure the system with special locks that protect card stock. Additional locks allow you to secure the printer to a work surface.

Compact, lightweight design
The sleek design allows the Datacard SP55 card printer to work effectively in small work areas.

Proximity, magnetic stripe and smart card
Choose any combination of proximity, magnetic stripe or smart card technology for access control and other automated systems. Each of these machine-readable technologies can be quickly added to the printer as your needs change.

Large, quick-change ribbons
Datacard® Certified Supplies with RF technology provide real value-add features, such as “ribbon auto save” which enables consumers to increase productivity while lowering the cost per card.

Built-in Ethernet connectivity
Simply plug it into your network and print cards anywhere with built-in Ethernet capabilities. A great feature for large, multifaceted organizations, such as hospitals, corporations, colleges and universities.

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