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SP-35 Card Printer
Now, anyone can afford to print high-quality cards

A quality card printer used to be a significant capital investment. But the new SP35 card printer creates a whole new reality. Large corporations can affordably place printers wherever they are needed. Smaller companies can print attractive and highly functional ID cards for a minimal cost. If you want to launch an ID program or improve an existing one, this is the perfect place to start!

K-12 schools
Schools must balance the need to improve security with the reality of tight budgets. The SP35 card printer addresses both issues. A low purchase price and minimal operating costs are a perfect fit for schools of all sizes. Reliable, high-quality printing makes it easy to print attractive student IDs that can also automate operations in the library, cafeteria, gymnasium and elsewhere.

Retailers and loyalty marketers
Almost every consumer worldwide relies on cards. They are part of the worldwide consumer culture. The SP35 card printer makes it easy and affordable for you to tap into the power of card-based marketing. You can issue loyalty cards, membership IDs and other colorful, multipurpose cards that help drive revenue and strengthen customer relationships on the spot.

Exceptional performance and a compact footprint

Print quality cards—anywhere
The SP35 card printer features a lightweight, yet rugged design, so you can use it to issue cards anywhere. Take it with you to satellite locations, temporary work sites, trade shows and more. In addition to true portability, standard USB connections offer plug-and-play simplicity and fast, easy installation.

Superb, edge-to-edge printing
While the printer is small, it is packed with the most advanced Datacard® printing technology. The SP35 card printer incorporates our exclusive Advanced Imaging Technology,™ which ensures brilliant photos, graphics and text.

Part of an integrated photo ID system
The SP35 card printer integrates seamlessly with Datacard® identification software, digital cameras, scanners and signature pads to help you create a complete photo ID system. You can choose the components that best meet your needs and start issuing cards immediately.

Card printing simplified

Easy upgrades
The SP35 card printer offers rare flexibility. You can add optional magnetic stripe encoding or smart card personalization capabilities with a simple field upgrade. These machine-readable technologies can make cards compatible with a variety of automated systems, including access control, cashless vending and network log-on systems.

Simple operation
Printing great cards requires only basic computer skills. A “smart” printer driver provides important on-screen information, including message prompts, recovery instructions, full-color image previews and online help. Point-andclick simplicity speeds operations and reduces errors. We offer smart drivers for Windows® 98, Me, 2000 and XP.

Minimal maintenance
In addition to a low purchase price, the SP35 card printer offers minimal operating costs. Print ribbons and printheads are simple to replace. Just lift the easy-access cover and replace supply items in a matter of seconds. We include low-cost cleaning supplies with each print ribbon. Simply run the cleaning card through the printer after each ribbon change to remove debris from the card path. High-capacity ribbons and card hoppers also help you enjoy more uninterrupted productivity.

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